Clothing in Rome since 1956

Francavilla Moda, a wide selection of clothing for men and women.

Every season, fashion offers new models to dream up, try on and add to your wardrobe, to wear on a special occasion or to not give up on style and elegance in everyday life.

The Francavilla Moda clothing store, located in Via dell'Aeroporto, 41 in Rome , easily reachable from the metro A - Lucio Sestio and Numidio Quadrato stops, is the temple where men and women can express themselves through the dress.

Divided into two exhibition levels, one dedicated to women's clothing and the other to men's , inside you will always find the most suitable garment for you, selected from the latest collections of the main fashion houses of the moment.

Women's clothing: the best brands of women's fashion in Rome.

Every woman dreams of an ever new wardrobe, in line with the spirit of the times to express her personality through the latest collections created by the most popular brands of the moment.

Francavilla Moda in Rome offers a wide selection of suits, jackets, coats, skirts, trousers, sweaters, sweaters, shoes, belts, accessories and much more to be perfect for a special evening or every day!

Men's clothing: the latest men's fashion trends in the store in Rome.

Attention to style is not only a prerogative of women, but also of men. That's why Francavilla Moda in Rome has dedicated an entire floor to men's fashion, full of the latest collections of casual, sporty, elegant and ceremonial clothing, selected by the best brands of the moment.